Handmade furniture designed & made lead by minimising our impact on the environment.

By looking to the past & working with a relatively limited palette of biodegradable & renewable materials, that are a gift from the past. Combining these materials with traditional & modern techniques to reinvigorate forgotten craft.

I am the son of a Carpenter, growing up watching many skilled tradesmen left me on awe, inspiring me to become a Carpenter also. I was lucky to learn the joy of working with my hands from a young age, striving for perfection, a conviction that any task must be executed with all of your skill, to create the best object you are capable of making.

Once I understood the history of the locally grown hardwoods, that I am working with, it seems only fitting that they be used to create items that will last for generations. This ensures the timber will continue to sequester carbon, while also providing examples of construction techniques from the past. 

Utilising traditional knowledge about milling, seasoning & steam bending timber, when combined with Windsor chair construction & some modern methods, allows for a very efficient process. I feel very lucky to be able to use & develop my skill to be able to work with, a natural raw product & create items to that will last for generations, even out of nature's discards.

My passion is in craftsmanship, but central to the evolution of my furniture is finding green & sustainable ways of producing items that will last & can be repaired. Considering the environmental challenges, we face I believe that sustainability should be synonymous with good design.


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