Handmade in Amberley from locally grown timber.

Timber is our only renewable resource

Trees, when they are in their prime, give up oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, this is vital to reduce Greenhouse Gases Co2 in particular. Timber is a small part of the solution but nevertheless very important, as for approximately every ton of growing tree in its prime, it takes out 1.48 tons of Carbon.

We can all do our part by planting trees, harvestable and native species. so, in time our children can harvest our efforts, best use & re-plant this vital resource. My furniture is made from trees that have fallen or are past their prime, they are a gift from the past. By making quality furniture to last a lifetime, the lumber will continue to sequester the Carbon for the life of the furniture.

What we offer

Captains Chair No.7

 Captains Chair No.8

Highback Welsh Stick Chair

Flitch Bench Seat

Three Legged Elm/ White Ash Stool

Four Legged Stool

Honest Bench Seat

Three legged Walnut/ Elm Stool

Photos by Richard Lord

Spade Handle Table


Using Wood for Good

Handmade chairs & furniture

Our unique range of handmade chairs & furniture is constructed from locally sourced hardwoods. We use a combination of traditional & modern techniques to minimise our impact on the environment. Each piece has its own story to tell & is constructed using craftsmanship to ensure it can tell it for generations. I take pride in craftsmanship, of doing as perfect a job as possible, of producing something of beauty, even out of nature's discards.

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